Let your kids explore theirs spiritual pathway

Sacred Flower Symbols Coloring Book helps to discover

Did you know?

All nations have wonderful patterns and the most exciting thing is that they are all speaking the same language. We put the ancient elements of this language into our unique graphics.

This isn’t just a simple coloring book for children and adults.

*It introduces Hungarian sacred forms and formations. While you are relaxing with the coloring, we also providing you an adventure wherein your energies are lifted up by the vibration of the ancient motives.

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    Original historical doodles with superpower*
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    Every doodle patterned with elements of nature
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    Beautiful flowing floral designs
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    Playful animals in nature
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    Coloring alone or together
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    Relaxing or storytelling**
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    So much fun with mandalas
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    Printed on one side of the paper (for framing)

**You can teach a little Hungarian story from Miraculous Deer or Tree of Life to the Turul Bird which is interesting to every kid with Hungarian relatives, and educational to others. We have included some non-Hungarian related doodles in this coloring book, like the smallest boy or the princess from a tale. This gives you a chance to tell an old story or create a new one if you want, or coloring could simply be a silent activity.

This coloring book is suitable for toddlers or above, from ages 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 years old for girls or boys. In short, we are offering this coloring book for all ages.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do parents think of the LisArtFolk Coloring Book?

This coloring book is like a good Hungarian cookbook which contains a lot of ingredients for spicy Hungarian food such as Hungarian sweet and hot paprika. Although, it is up to you how to use it, it can lead you like a Hungarian flag.

Julia Farr

Mom of Jenny

There is no coloring book for girls without horses or elephants and not one for boys without vehicles and dragons. They also created some mandala for relaxing. It makes this coloring book perfect for everyday use or as a gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

John Nagy

Dad of Charles

Don’t forget: By you buying our paperback book you can print out copies of all images inside as many times as you wish for FREE.

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